Hello Linux
This is the first devlog from Linux! 😀 And with that I can tell you that my build system has been ported to Linux. Remember that my build system is just some batch scripts or in this case bash scripts. I can’t compile the game yet of course. That work would be next. It’s just for fun really and I want to try RR. The reverse debugger for Linux.

The morning wasn’t really productive. I traveled with an (old) team mate of mine. Which I just happen to run in to. After that the train was late, which basically meant that it was completely full. If it was just on time it may have been one with WiFi again. But I doubt they switched them back for good. Thursday it will probably be the train without any internet again…

So in the end not much has been done. Since just when I started to debug some actual useful thing my time was up. Better luck Thursday!

Last modified: June 20, 2023