What To Do?
This morning I was a bit confused on how to proceed. I wasn’t really sure what I had done last week and what to do next. Clearly stuff hasn’t been working. However I managed to test some stuff and find some new insights.

One being that the drag I had programmed in was messing with me. The old code didn’t seem to work, but it was actually the drag that was stopping the car. Though it wouldn’t explain why hitting the diagonal walls would sometimes immediately stop the car.

I think that problem is simply the wrong axis getting returned. Which is the case for both the new and old system it seems. Again the old system has worked pretty well. So I don’t know why it doesn’t anymore.

Correct Axis
However I am somewhat determined to get the new code working. And returning the right axis is probably the biggest problem right now. As I have simplified the movement significantly. It now just drives on its own straight forward. No turning, no input. This should make the car very predictable. If the code is working like it should of course.

Which it clearly isn’t. But with some force, like setting the collision axis manually, it suddenly seems to work. So that axis need to be fixed. Meaning the collision system should only return the wall axis and never the axis of the thing that is moving. As we want to collide with the wall, not the entity with itself.

Last modified: August 1, 2023