Today we finally got to the point of working on the renderer. There were two videos that were about the ground buffers we don’t use. But I do want to implement that the tilemap actually uses textures now instead of just coloured rectangles. Those textures should then be cached. But these are things I want to work on during the week.

Right now we have some transient storage. So storage that only persists during one frame, at least for now. Other things could be added to that transient storage like the tilemap cache. But what it allows for us now is to have some deferred rendering. Where we push render elements onto a memory space. Which then renders these elements at the end of a CPU frame.

I couldn’t really get to 6 videos today. So will need to catch up during the week. Will try to do one later today. But exciting to work towards a renderer that can scale and rotate, finally!

Last modified: September 20, 2022