To compensate for the missed hours I decided to watch some more videos on my day off. I could only watch 2 videos in the end, which is a shame. As I also wanted to create and implement the texture atlas for the tile rendering. But that has to wait a little longer. And maybe I can do that tomorrow. At least a first draft has been made surrounding a proper particles system. Which I deem important for the game actually. I think it will help with the game feel and bringing over a sense of rally racing.

So not much code is actually running currently. There was a problem with one of the memory areas. Basically it gets reset after a frame, which is partially what we want. However that particular memory area should stay around over multiple frames. I’m not sure yet if I will follow Casey in this problem or just split the memory up some more and leave it statically sized. I have some time to think about that.

Last modified: May 18, 2023