Quick update about today just before I head off to bed. I didn’t expect to watch 6 videos today of the Handmade Hero series. I wanted to take it a bit easier. So I just started with three like normal and would see what I would get done past those. However one of them turned out to be a 4 hour long video… So in the end I managed to finish those three, which comes down to roughly 5 videos.

It was primarily about further optimizing the rendering routine. Which actually showed that I could hit the theoretical most optimized situation. It could probably run faster and the calculation are not a 100% accurate. But still it shows that I am very close to optimal with that particular piece of code.

Tomorrow I want to tackle the collision stuff again. Maybe this weekend, since I have a weekend off of soccer, I will look into porting the game. Try the Xbox build and maybe a new platform. But I’ll have to see how things go this week first. A weekend off from everything is also nice. Still want to finish Majora’s Mask 😉

Last modified: October 17, 2022