I decided to make it a bit easier for me to debug the collision system by visualising it. Making the velocity of the entity visible was very trivial. However getting the normals of the tiles show up appears to be more of a task.

I thought that the drag of the entity was causing the issue somehow. It does seem to happen only when the drag goes towards the tiles with collision. But when removing the drag altogether it still happens, so that can’t be it. Also it mostly seems to happen between two tiles that the entity gets stuck. So right were two tiles meet something can go wrong. This is definitely a hard to solve bug since it doesn’t happen often at all. I’m also not really able to visualise it well. That’s why I choose to change that. Hopefully it will help as I think this is really the thing holding the overall development back…

Finished the last video from yesterday. To be honest it feels great being done this early in the week again. Not having to spend the Wednesday evening or more than one evening finishing videos. And I don’t even have the time anymore on the Monday and Wednesday evenings.

I am practicing a bit with a little tool for Unity. Where I can finally have some profiling information in a Release build. Which is one of the only configurations you want to profile your game in. That is what will run on everyone’s machine and doesn’t include any debug code in there. So I hope that little project will help me understand everything even better. And make me a better programmer.

Last modified: January 17, 2023