Debugging Compression
Hello there. I think today went pretty well. Lost some time here and there, but I did start pretty early for a change. I want to keep this going as I think I will only get more productive from it. Not because I just have more time, I think it’ll help me get less stressed and frustrated. That should in turn keep me more productive 🙂

I still couldn’t finish 6 videos though. Almost there, just 15 minutes left. But that can easily become 30 minutes instead.

Half way I got a little bit demotivated because some Reddit posts I saw. But really, why would I trust those random people instead of Casey who has valid credits? I think the comments I read from that particular Reddit page, those commenters just don’t understand what Handmade Hero is about. Yes, libraries are quicker and whatever. Yes, Casey is ranting a lot even about small things. However, most of his points are pretty valid. Definitely not all of them, but I resonate with a lot of them.

Two Weeks
I looked at the schedule and I think in two weeks I will be starting with something else. The debugging systems can take a rest at that point. Not much engine stuff should be left to really start with production. Though there are still a lot of tweaks and changes to be made. Especially for the renderer. But once I have menus and the ability to load different levels in there I will go focus more on the game. I do want a demo as soon as possible to be able to focus more on developing for the platforms I want to release on. As well as shaping the game design more so that all there is left is actual production. Exciting times ahead I guess… apart from that stupid collision system that STILL doesn’t work. But we won’t talk about that too much 😛

Last modified: January 16, 2023