Custom Printf Today I thought I managed to completely do the things that were on the planning. Even had a tiny bit of time left to change the font for the debug text. However upon checking the planning I should have watched another video. That was unrelated to the other videos that were on the planning. So I don’t blame myself for not watching this one.

I guess the goal of today therefore was to get custom printf functions to work. Floats haven’t been implemented very well. But I may check some papers to see how it could be done fast and reliably. Since apparently floats are hell to print correctly and somewhat fast.

The rest is pretty trivial, so those should support the printf spec nicely. Just not as fast as someone would expect maybe from a custom implementation. But it’s currently only used for debug stuff.

Next up would be particle systems. During the week I will still work on tilemap editing code. I especially need to look at the asset package and create a tile atlas to use. Because currently the tilemap isn’t able to render correctly, while it is probably faster through the new batching of tiles. But that batching requires a tile atlas and correct texture coordinates.

Last modified: May 15, 2023