Cleanup Day
Today was a lot of cleanup. Mostly in the debug code, progressing on from last week. But also some things in the win32 layer. However trying to fix the colors when rendering with OpenGL wasn’t going so well. So I have to look into that later.

Luckily I have a working profiler again. But also the debugging UI is working better again. I think the fact that I can barely click on the buttons is a result of me changing the projection code. The mouse position is probably getting projected incorrectly to the screen. Though it needed some love anyway.

Unfortunately I couldn’t do everything I wanted today. After staying up late yesterday to fix some 4coder settings. There are still some features I miss in 4coder. Some have probably been created by other people already. Or it may be just a setting I haven’t found yet. So I am not afraid to start using it fulltime for at least this project. As today went pretty okay and I wasn’t much slower than normal.

Last modified: March 13, 2023