Trip To London
Today my trip to Londen started. I figured I could do some work in the train. Not coding or anything, but more design related. I already wrote it down in my new planning earlier.

In the end I couldn’t get as much done or as far as I hoped to get. I got distracted a bit too much. I did do some research to find inspiration for the story. Some interesting bits came out from that, but in the end nothing that really formed anything concrete.

Coming up with a story seems harder than I expected. I just have literally no idea what I want to story to be about. While it could literally be anything as long as there are random races in between. Those races don’t have to tie in that much even.

So in the last part of the train ride to London I went back to designing the UI. I tried to force myself to come up with different ways of representing the UI. Different shapes, different placements of elements. Though the concentration was mostly lost at this point. So again not much came out from it. Maybe 5 sketches, but I doubt they will be very usable in the end. Let’s see if I can expand on both topics further on my way back home in about 5 days from now 🙂

Last modified: April 27, 2023