Bigger Is Not Always Better
Unfortunately I didn’t have time in the weekend to work on this. This morning in the train I looked into why the tilemap was not loading correctly. I thought it would be something simple, but that isn’t really the case. At first the file was only 1Kb. After setting some breakpoints and checking some values I noticed the file handle was invalid. The game probably opened the new tilemap file but didn’t close it properly.

After I sort of worked around this issue, the file got written to disk correctly. If I did everything correctly you would have a working tilemap. But of course that is not what happened. Though, apart from it not working as intended. The file is 3.8Mb. That is more than 1Mb larger than the previous tilemap file. Remember that it should be the exact same map, just in a different (smaller) format. That suggests to me that I am doing aomething too many times. Or something happens that should not happen at all. Whatever the problem is, I gotta look into it. But I am starting to doubt that I can even finish the tilemap loading before the end of this week. While I thought I could handle it before the end of last week…

Last modified: September 12, 2023