Today it wasn’t very productive unfortunately. Just a lot of watching and thinking. However, it seems we have arrived at the point to start working on the tilemap rendering. Which of course is exciting! But as I said it was mostly thinking about how to do it. Watching how Casey uses some techniques for his ground and how I can re-use those.

I think it will actually not be that much work after all. But I do want to first finish the collision properly. Not having special collision stuff yet. Just a fully filled tile that the player can collide with.

I tried to come up with code myself, but now I don’t understand why I did that. The code I already have works perfectly fine and isn’t hard to understand. So, I am now trying to rework that into tilemap collision code. The hard part here is getting the coordinates correct. That they translate well from tilemap to simregion space and back. I think I have to change the simregion entity so that it also stores the original tilemap position. Because then I don’t need to look up the stored low entity on every MoveEntity call.

After my soccer training, I tried to get the code finished but time has run out. Hopefully I can fix it tomorrow on the train. Otherwise it will probably take the whole week which I don’t want this time…

Last modified: September 20, 2022