Time To Move
Yesterday I basically did nothing. Not proud of it, but nothing to do about it now. Though today it also wasn’t so productive. I mean I just worked like normal. However it just felt slow and not like much work.

I looked at the time value to see how much an entity can move before collision. While working on it I am still not sure if my system is doable. Maybe it just isn’t because of rotation. But I have to try and I will try it. Otherwise we have a backup now. Which is more error prone, but at least should work out.

The neat code is also starting to feel clumsy and bloated again just by this change. So hopefully I can come up with something for that to make it easy to understand. But first, let’s make it actually work.

On my way back home I tried to do some more stuff. Not much came from it though. So nothing noteworthy to share right now.

Last modified: July 13, 2023