Unprojecting Mouse
Another video, 6th of the week. This was mostly just about mouse position and unprojecting. Casey not realising he was working against a feature he has in his code. While I was wondering why I couldn’t even draw my mouse on the screen. This video definitely reminded me that the renderer in its current state is not the renderer I want. I don’t want to bother about meters and pixels. I want one clear unit system, be that meters OR pixels. Probably pixels though.

Luckily I also know better now what I want from the renderer. Writing a better becomes easier that way. I can write part of the usage code and I have part of the actual functional code as well. It’s just a matter of reconnecting, tweaking and adding any new features I need.

I do have to say, I discovered a bug through this video. So pretty glad that is solved now. It really felt relieving seeing that being solved. Understanding what is left to solve rendering for higher resolutions. As the textures are not scaled correctly and that is now the only problem. Instead of one of the problems

Last modified: January 11, 2023