3DS Fun
Instead of working on the collision I decided to get back to the 3DS code. Yesterday I almost had it working. There was some weird variable I needed to supply, but I wasn’t confident I got it right. Turns out I was right. Bit of a weird variable, but I got the code running quickly after.

However whatever I tried, I couldn’t get my entities to show up. I couldn’t wrap my head around it why it wasn’t working. Until I saw the problem… I had not put in any alpha value, which means it would be just black.

After that it went quickly. Bitmaps are now rendering as coloured rectangles. This was the result of implementing a stub for the AllocateTexture function. So once that function has its correct implementation, textures shouldn’t be too difficult to add. Especially since I now know how to set attributes for the shader.

Last modified: August 10, 2023